Golfer Won’t Stand FORE! It

Bogey comments

A well-known commentator for the Golf Channel, Brandel Chamblee, has gone out of bounds with his rhetoric against golf pro, Patrick Reed, and is now facing a $750 million defamation lawsuit. Chamblee’s involvement in the lawsuit, which has also named the Golf Channel as a defendant, is arguably inevitable, as the announcer has allegedly butchered Reed’s professional reputation since the golfer was 23 years old. The critical objective in the complaint is to address instances of Chamblee providing false reporting and exhibiting a purposeful omission of facts with the intent of misleading the public.

One such accusation against Reed, who ended his participation in the PGA in June in favor of LIV, includes the illustration of a golfer choosing to work for an organization that is deeply tied with an oppressive dictator. In Reed’s defense, the lawsuit supports the golfer’s move away from the PGA and highlights the financial success of LIV, funded by PIF. The organization serves as the sole professional men’s golf tournament in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The origin of the tournament has sparked the rise of comments from critics who oppose PGA golfers from joining. Additional athletes that have played for LIV include Phil Mickelson, Dustin Johnson, and Bryson DeChambeau.

The operators of the PGA publicly opposed the decision of these golfers to play for a different organization. The athletes contend that their roles as professional golfers place them within the capacity of independent contractors. They have argued that they are not direct, contractual employees of the PGA and may golf for external tournaments. Chamblee’s more recent comments about Reed’s LIV participation measure to some of the more severe commentary against the player; however, his 2019 publicized allegation that Reed was cheating in a tournament elicited the first attempt at legal silencing in the form of a cease-and-desist letter. This defamation lawsuit may function as Reed’s final shot to end his poor reputation.