Divorce Settlement For Pennies On The Dollar


A husband’s ex-wife made a bold statement with her divorce and financial settlement. A judge ordered the ex-wife to pay $50.12 for her divorce and financial settlement. So how did she go about following the orders of the judge, you ask? The ex-wife paid her divorce and financial settlement with pennies! That’s right, the husband received his settlement money in three plastic containers. However, the worst part is the total amount of pennies came to $47.12.

The ex-wife used the $50.12 to purchase the three containers and included a receipt stating “The receipt is included if you want to return them…” And if that wasn’t bad enough, the ex-wife included a goodbye letter to add some salt to the already opened wound posted on Reddit.com by the husband.

So if you were going through a divorce and financial settlement with your ex-spouse, how would you feel if you received your settlement money and it was all pennies? Would you make a laugh out of the situation or would you knock over the container of pennies in frustration?

If I was the ex-husband going through this divorce and financial settlement battle, it would be more frustrating to me to turn the $47.12 into cash and take the plastic containers back to the store for a refund. Actually, I would save the containers for something useful like storage. I mean, those containers are pretty deep and think of it this way…”It’s a nice going- away present.”