Astros Signal Potential Class Action

No cheating in baseball

Although two World Series champions have been named since the Houston Astros won the title in 2017, Los Angeles Dodgers fans still refuse to accept the defeat.  Instead, they are taking the matter one step further and are talking about initiating a class action lawsuit.  They plan to seek compensation for parking fees, Dodger dogs, and beer.  This potential class action comes in response to the termination of Astros manager AJ Hinch and general manager Jeff Luhnow, due to their roles in the use of audiovisual equipment to steal pitching signals from other teams during home games throughout the 2017 season. 

Major League Baseball initially suspended Hinch and Luhnow for the entire 2020 season, but the Houston Astros ended their contracts that same day.  Despite the team’s decision to terminate important members of its management staff, the Astros faced further punishment in the form of a hefty $5 million fine and forfeiture of their first- and second-round player selections in the next two subsequent drafts.  Astros’ owner, Jim Crane, is not contesting the penalties applied by the MLB.  He was quoted as promising to never allow cheating to take place on his team again and contends that while Hinch and Luhnow did not actively participate or activate the use of video equipment, they also did not stop it from happening.

While Dodgers fans are outraged by the events that have recently unfolded, the Astros are still arguably one of the best teams in Major League Baseball.  In 2019, the Astros won the American League pennant, but then lost the World Series to the Washington Nationals.  According to the investigation conducted by the MLB, the Astros did not attempt to steal pitching signs in the 2019 season.  While two individuals were named as key players in the signal stealing, both of those men are no longer affiliated with the Houston Astros and have moved on to other teams.  The Astros’ 2017 World Series win has not been challenged.