Summit Fights Off Lawsuits to Save Franchise

  • Sumo

by lindseoIt’s happening as we speak.  The pulse rate of Twilight fans are beginning to increase at a rapid pace; the mere thought of Edward’s perfectly coiffed hair and Jacob’s well defined physique excites fans to a state of pure ecstasy.  As you spend endless hours in line, wrapped around street corners just to get a front row seat to watch the finale chapter unfold, let’s look back on the studio that fought for the franchise.

Summit Entertainment, the protective movie studio behind the massively successful Twilight franchise surely made a name for themselves inside the court room throughout the cultural evolution of this phenomenon.  Using their clout, the studio that skyrocketed Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner to superstardom, protected their asset by throwing lawsuits in any direction that posed a threat.

The biggest bite from the preverbal apple came when Summit Entertainment took on Tom Markson, the owner and registrant of since 1994.  Summit Entertainment LLC v. Tom Markson et al, 2:11-cv-07296, No. 1 (C.D.Cal. Sep. 2, 2011) claims the illegally use of Twilight trademarks and copyrights.  They also go on to state that, Mr. Markson is leading consumers to believe that they had reached the official Twilight motion picture website.  Judging by the current redirect from to Summit’s registered domain, it seems that Mr. Markson lost his battle.

Sinking their teeth into another lawsuit, the studio giant went after the protection of their precious trademark in Summit Entertainment, LLC v. Topics Entertainment.  Summit wanted to stop distribution on a documentary on how the Twilight franchise impacted the small town of Forks, WA similar to a DVD they had already in the can.  The lawsuit alleges the release of Forks: Bitten by Twilight, features cover art that is too similar to their own trademarked Twilight style.  The judge ruled in favor of Summit Entertainment.

The Twilight franchise pumped life back into Summit Entertainment and saved it from a dismal future so it seems fitting that they were so diligent.  You can even go as far as commending Summit for their fight against copyright and trademark infringement.  Even though the franchise will end with Breaking Dawn Part 2, the lawsuits similar to the Cullen Family will live forever.