Zip Lining Toward Legal Action

A costly mistake

Employees have been fired from Urban Air Trampoline & Adventure Park in Lakeland, FL; but this is not a case of wrongful termination.  Due to the negligence of certain operators, a 10-year-old child fell 20-25 feet while using the park’s zip line in September.  Following an investigation, it was discovered that the ride itself was sound, safe, and up to industry standard.  Video footage shows the young boy was not properly secured in his harness before being allowed to retreat down the zip line.  The family of the child is not taking his injuries lightly and has filed a lawsuit against the entertainment facility.

The child not only fell a great distance, but he also slammed into concrete upon landing on the floor.  The impact caused a brain injury, several broken bones, and a collapsed lung.  He remained in the hospital for an extended period of time and had to undergo surgery. Since he has been released from the hospital, the boy has returned to school.  The transition back to a routine is not easy, however, as the child has experienced some difficulties in school and does not attend classes some days because of complications.

On the particular day of the incident, the boy’s mother, Kimberly Barnes, dropped her son off at the facility to celebrate his friend’s birthday.  An hour later, she received the notice that her son was being airlifted to Tampa General Hospital due to the severity of his injuries.  The Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services is the agency that analyzed the video, which showed the child hitting his head on the concrete as he fell.  FDACS attributes the fall to the lack of security in the legs of his harness.  In the video, the boy can be seen actually holding up his own body weight as he descended down the zip line.  The family is asking for over $15,000 in compensation.