Monthly Archives: December 2015

No Hair; We Care

Hair loss

Wen Hair Products has become tangled in a class-action lawsuit this month, after many of their products were associated with causing users to lose mass quantities of their hair.  Wen is endorsed by celebrities Alyssa Milano and Brooke Shields, whom were able to hold onto their luscious lox, but Wen has a serious issue on hand.  With more than 200 people from 40 different states being represented in this suit, it seems like an uphill battle for Wen and Chaz Dean.

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“Gamer vs Cartoon” Lawsuit Gets Erased

Game over, please insert coin

Sometimes the court room can become a little cartoonish, but a recent case regarding a real man’s likeness to a TV show character has reached a new level. Billy Mitchell, the man famous for holding the world record for the video game Donkey Kong, recently filed a lawsuit against Cartoon Network. One of the network’s shows, aptly named “Regular Show”, featured a character who looks very similar to Mitchell, who appears as a floating head with video game skills. The character, named “GBF”, has long brown hair and big beard, very similar to the plaintiff. Mitchell came to fame in 2007 alongside the documentary “King of Kong”, which tells the story of how he broke the world record for Donkey Kong, and also details his prowess in other arcade games like Pac-Man. A judge in New Jersey recently decided that the lawsuit itself was without merit, and decided to pull the plug.

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