Burbank Ordinance Banning Advertising Vans Approved by City Council

Pizza Ads Still Allowed

Burbank residents would no longer see vehicles with the main purpose of advertising roaming around the city as the City Council has decided to ban such vehicles. The decision of the council stemmed from complaints about vans advertising topless maids cruising around town. Council officials have denounced such vehicles as eyesores and visual pollution.

“What we’re capturing with this ordinance is those signs that are bolted to a van, leaned against a van, trailers that are unhitched and left in the public right of way,” Deputy City Planner Patrick Prescott said at the City Council meeting last March 5.

Council officials likewise identified safety reasons why they came up with the ordinance banning advertising vehicles. “Is that going to fall into the street while someone is driving or riding in a bicycle past?” Presscott added.

The ordinance, however, does not ban pizza and mail delivery vehicles, noted by a Los Angeles motorcycle attorney.

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