WEN Products Causing Hair Loss

Hair care fail

WEN hair products maker Guthy-Renker LLC has recently gone under fire as they are facing a class-action law suit. The law suit was initially filed in the state of California on July 31, 2014. The issue at hand is that its products are allegedly defective, causing hair loss that prolongs even when consumers terminate use of the products. Guthy-Renker is being charged with the following: “Breach of warranty, violating California’s unfair competition law, violating the California false advertising law, violating Florida’s Unfair and Deceptive trade Practices Act, negligence, failure to warn, failure to test, and strict products liability.”

Talk of WEN and its defective products has flooded the internet. Many consumers complained that the WEN hair care resulted in rapid hair loss. WEN is being criticized for falsely advertising the products on the site, as many consumers did not find the desired results they were hoping. Wen’s webpage features a three-week study on its Sweet Almond Mint Cleansing conditioner, stating that “100% of users said their hair was more moisturized, 97% noticed that WEN added more shine, and 95% reported that hair became more manageable”. Under these results, it is noted in small fine print that “Results are not typical.”

One Plaintiff Amy Friedman saw advertisements for WEN, and purchased her first set of products in January of 2014. As the law suit states, “Within two weeks of beginning use of her WEN Cleansing Conditioner, Plaintiff began losing substantial and abnormal amounts of hair.” She discontinued using WEN, but “the hair loss continued for approximately three more weeks.” As for the amount of hair loss Friedman had, it is said that she “lost one quarter to one third of the hair on her head.” Although women from around the country including New Jersey, Minnesota, North Carolina, Hawaii, Indiana, and Florida have all joined the class-action suit, it should be noted that there has been no hard evidence to back up these claims.