Towering Claim

Elevator accident

In this real-life Tower of Terror nightmare, an injured man recounts his terrifying elevator experience that left him permanently scarred, unable to earn future wages, and incapable of coping with the mental and physical anguish he has endured following the incident.  In July 2022, while visiting Walt Disney World with his daughter, guest Michael Johnson entered a faulty parking garage elevator that malfunctioned and jerked violently.  The elevator is located in Disney Springs, a shopping and dining complex.  Johnson, a Florida resident, is suing for $50,000 in compensatory damages.

At the time of the injury, Reedy Creek Improvement District functioned as Walt Disney World Resort’s governing jurisdiction for its economic and tourism administration and development.  As of June 2023, however, Governor DeSantis dissolved Reedy Creek and signed a bill that appointed a new board that renamed the district to Central Florida Tourism Oversight District.  While a new governing body is currently in place, Johnson is suing the former district entity for failing to properly inspect and maintain the Orange Garage elevator in Disney Springs.  He has suffered physical injuries to his body and extremities that have caused him to become disfigured and disabled. 

 According to the details outlined in the lawsuit, which was filed this month, the elevator “malfunctioned by dropping several feet suddenly and without warning, then stopping abruptly, forcefully shaking, and dropping again before ascending to the fifth floor of the parking garage.”  Those who may not realize that they are reading a legal claim may assume that this illustration describes the Tower of Terror ride in Disney’s Hollywood Studios.  To the contrary, the jolting explanation of events has contributed to a man’s pain and suffering and loss of enjoyment of life.  In addition, Johnson claims that he is facing astronomical medical expenses, including nursing care and treatment.