Thrown into Investigation

Football injury

A week before Thanksgiving, the Cincinnati Bengals suffered a loss that is likely to significantly impact the rest of the football season.  Not only did the team lose the game against the Baltimore Ravens, but in the second quarter, the Bengals’ star quarterback, Joe Burrow, exited the game with an apparent wrist injury.  The issue that has thrown the NFL and fans into an uproar is the suspicion that Burrow sustained the injury prior to the game on Thursday, November 16.  The NFL is now investigating the team’s compliance.

The investigation was prompted by a video that the team posted on its social media account, which showed Burrow descending from the Bengals’ bus in a soft cast.  The video has since been deleted.  In response to the video, Burrow explained that he was wearing a compression sleeve to reduce the chance of potential swelling.  The team’s coach, Zac Taylor, advised that he was not aware that Burrow was wearing a compression sleeve while on the bus and maintains the understanding that players wear compression clothing for a variety of reasons that may not always include injury.  The investigation will determine whether the team was in violation of properly listing Joe Burrow on the injury list, in compliance with the NFL Injury Policy.

According to popular speculation, Burrow’s existing injury prior to the game contributed to the painful touchdown pass thrown to Joe Mixon during the second quarter.  Earlier in the game, Burrow fell on the wrist that would later cause him issues.  Taken out of the game, Burrow was unable to throw on the sidelines without wincing in pain.  The injury requires surgery and will end Burrow’s season.  Some fans have not taken a sympathetic approach to the team’s loss and have even joked on social media that they may sue the Bengals for ruining their weekly fantasy draft selections.