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Brady vs. NFL Lawsuit Full of Hot Air

Ball so hard

The saga of deflated footballs and a certain A-list quarterback have not left headlines since the winter of 2014. Now, months later, we are all following the twists and turns of the story, including NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell’s attempt to keep Tom Brady off the field in September. This seemed to be the final straw for Brady and Patriots Owner Robert Kraft to fire back at Goodell and the NFL, opting for a New York courtroom over the sunny, green fields of Foxborough, MA. There are several undertones here, including the NFL Players Association’s potential second thoughts about granting Goodell his current power, plus the Commissioner’s personal relationship with Kraft. How did letting air out of a football lead to a corporate showdown and legal dispute, centered around a high profile athlete? Read more

Another Lawsuit Lands On The NFL’s Desk

NFL “Tackled” By Another Lawsuit

On May 20, 2014, more than 600 former NFL players filed a lawsuit against the NFL, according to the Associated Press. The players stated they were abetted by team trainers and physicians to often take illegal narcotics and pain killers. They would do this on game days so they would make the pain they were going through. Among the painkillers were Percodan, Percocet, and Vicodin, and sleep aides such as Ambien. The lead attorney, Steven Silverman, states these drugs were “handed out like candy on Halloween.”

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