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Does That Apple Look A Little Big To You?

Enlarged apple

Proposition 37, which sought to require Big Food companies to properly label genetically-modified foods (GMO’s), recently failed among California voters.  GMO’s are formulated through genetic engineering and often require exposure to radiation or chemicals to serve as a catalyst in the transformation.  GMO leaders, most notably Missouri-based Monsanto, allotted over $45 million towards a “No on 37” campaign to fight the proposition’s approval.  The movement also received contributions from Coca-Cola, Nestle, and Kraft and took part in misrepresentation of the act that boasts “Stop the deceptive food labeling scheme.”  The Big Food propaganda was ultimately a success, as it is believed that many whom voted against Prop 37 were swayed by the aggressive campaign.

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Keeping Americans in a Fog


The food industry is in cahoots with the pesticide industry to keep Californians in the dark about what is really in their food.  American consumer products are owned by only a few corporate giants known as “Big Food”.  These corporations in addition to the “Big 6” companies in the pesticide industry are doing everything in their power to ensure that California’s Proposition 37 does not get passed.  Prop 37 is a bill that will allow companies to label food made with genetically engineered crops, which have previously been under the guise of “all natural”.  This will allow people to know if the food they are consuming has been genetically altered in any way.  The reason for this epic tag team of the food and pesticide industries is due to the fact that 99% of all genetically modified foods have been engineered to either contain pesticides or to withstand the application of these chemicals.  Since their fates are intertwined, they teamed up to contribute a whopping $25 million to ensure the failure of Prop 37.

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