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Pizza Hut Delivery Man Fights Back!

Not your average delivery

It comes as no surprise that delivering pizza can be a dangerous job.  A college kid walking around an unfamiliar neighborhood in the middle of the night with a pocket full of cash and a hot pizza in his hand can be a tantalizing target.  Sam Swicegood, a former Pizza Hut delivery man knew just how dangerous his job could potentially be.  Sam was attacked one night by five teenagers while trying to deliver a pizza.  But after being sucker-punched, the prepared delivery man whipped out a tent pole from his sleeve and frantically swung at his attackers defending both himself and the pizza.  His act of self-defense proved effective when the teenagers fled from the pipe wielding delivery man.

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Papa John’s Ordered to Give Up the Dough

Papa John’s: It’s probably not better pizza.

Whoever thought text messages offering special deals on pizza would be a bad thing?  A class-action lawsuit has been filed against Papa John’s for sending illegal messages to their potential clients.  Plaintiffs are claiming that while they originally provided their cell phone numbers to the take-out pizza chain, they did not consent to receive advertisements via text message.  Some members of the class-action suit have reported to receive multiple texts back-to-back, and also at odd hours of the night.  The third party mobile marketing agency, OnTime4U, is also a defendant in the suit.  Plaintiffs are seeking compensation at the rate of $500-$1500 per text message.

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