Traffic Trouble: Lawsuit Filed Against NJ Gov

George_Washingtin_Bridge, by Wikipedia User Dave Freider, licensed by Creative Commons.

Water Under the Bridge?

Any commuter in the tri-state area is well aware of how much of a pain the George Washington Bridge can be.  Frustrated people stuck in traffic will often wonder why there is construction or delays at a certain time.  Now, it appears they have an answer.  New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s administration is coming under fire due to a controversial lane closure situation with political ties.  A federal investigation into the matter has opened up, which also sparked a number of residents to file suit against their own state leader.  Christie, who had previously been seen as a hardball, no-nonsense politician, is now at the center of a major controversy. Read More

Fighting over the “American Dream”

Parking lot

Sorry, We’re Full!

The American Dream complex – formerly known as Xanadu and located in East Rutherford, New Jersey – has become a controversial addition to the area. Construction of the complex began in 2007, but the building itself experienced a delayed development. Despite its potential for a variety of fun opportunities from 300+ retail stores to theme parks, protesters have put forth legitimate apprehensions and lawsuits over the complex’s effects to the surrounding areas.

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Game Over for Software Store’s Re-Selling

UHHH, by photobucket user BRcouncil, licensed by Creative Commons

A Professional Headshot.

It appears that a popular video game retailer is playing some games of their own.  GameStop (NYSE: GME), whose headquarters is in Grapevine TX, has been named in a class-action lawsuit in regards to the selling of used video games without including all of the downloadable content, or DLC.  When purchasing a new video game, a special unique keycode is included that allows the purchaser access to new features, such as new weapons, enhanced features, or updated rosters.  The class-action states that since anyone who buys a used game does not have access to the keycode, and GameStop does not strictly state this, they are in violation of the Consumer Fraud Act. The suit was filed in New Jersey as each plaintiff is seeking about $10-$15 per game in locations across the state from Fall 2010 to Summer 2012. Read more

Misperceptions in the Alimony Reform Battle in New Jersey

GoalsThe fight to end permanent alimony in New Jersey may be creating some false impressions about current reality. Although permanent alimony was common when many women exiting long marriages had never been in the workplace, times have changed. Not only do few divorcing spouses today qualify for permanent alimony, but some of those who do qualify are men. The definition of a long marriage has also changed. New Jersey courts once used 10 years as the benchmark, but permanent alimony after a marriage of 10 years is now quite rare. How long is long? There is no bright line, and the question is, should there be? Alimony decisions are very fact-specific and the length of a marriage is only one factor. Spouses who have the ability to work after a marriage of any length are expected to do so to contribute to their own support. Read more

Camden Man Slits Throats on PCP

Bloody Water 4, by Flickr user Link.Q, licensed by Creative Commons

Phencyclidine also known as PCP is a hallucinogenic drug that when smoked can cause violent outbursts and thrashing.  Oswaldo Rivera, from Camden, New Jersey has learned this the hard way after smoking the drug “wet”; “Wet” is the street term used to describe the combination of PCP and marijuana.  Rivera is being charged with murder and attempted murder after he broke in to an apartment and slit the throats of two young children.  The 6 year old boy passed away and his 12 year old sister was sent to the hospital in critical condition.  Cops linked the murder to Rivera after they had found footprints on the scene that had matched his bloody shoes.  The hallucinogenic drug does not normally produce such violent effects, users are usually incoherent and spaced-out.

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