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D’oh! Simpsons Settle with Hologram Company

Mmm, lawsuits.

The Simpsons are going to court! Well, they were planning on it, until reaching a settlement. 20th Century Fox recently came to an out-of-court settlement with a special effects company over a 2-minute hologram of the popular cartoon character, Homer Simpson. Appearing at Comic-Con, an entertainment-themed convention in California, Homer’s hologram told several jokes and interacted with Simpsons’ creator Matt Groening, much to the amusement of everyone other than Hologram USA. The company claims that they have an exclusive patent to the technology behind the hologram, and that without their consent or approval, Fox owes them a monetary fee. The groups were able to meet and come to an agreement, although the terms were not immediately disclosed. Read more

Modern, Wealthy Family

Contract dispute

Several of the stars from ABC’s hit sitcom Modern Family have recently reached an agreement regarding their contracts at 20th Century Fox. As a result of violation of California labor laws the cast has filed suit claiming that their contracts could not last longer than seven years. It seems that the lawsuit served as a strategic ploy to have the actors’ contracts declared null and void in order to renegotiate new salaries.  The stars, who originally made around $65,000 per episode are expected to have their salaries increased to $175,000 per episode for the upcoming 4th season. With 22 episodes, that puts each star’s yearly earning at $3.85 million.

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