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Misperceptions in the Alimony Reform Battle in New Jersey

The end to alimony

The fight to end permanent alimony in New Jersey may be creating some false impressions about current reality. Although permanent alimony was common when many women exiting long marriages had never been in the workplace, times have changed. Not only do few divorcing spouses today qualify for permanent alimony, but some of those who do qualify are men. The definition of a long marriage has also changed. New Jersey courts once used 10 years as the benchmark, but permanent alimony after a marriage of 10 years is now quite rare. How long is long? There is no bright line, and the question is, should there be? Alimony decisions are very fact-specific and the length of a marriage is only one factor. Spouses who have the ability to work after a marriage of any length are expected to do so to contribute to their own support. Read more