Six Flags Off Track Adventure

Rollercoaster lawsuit

A lawsuit has been filed against Six Flags after a roller coaster accident resulted in head injuries for 2 riders. The accident occurred on July 7th when one of the carts on the coaster partially derailed. The roller coaster accident occurred when a tree branch fell on the track, hitting the first car and causing the cart to derail. According to NBC Los Angeles, 22 riders were left suspended for several hours and four people were later treated for injuries.

Jeremy Ead and Olivia Feldmen both incurred injuries as a result of the accident. Both are filing suit against Six Flags for reimbursement of medical expenses, loss of earning and emotional distress. The argument being made is that the roller coaster should not have been built around the trees. In a statement to the Los Angeles times Ead explained that a branch hit him in his head and caused him to bleed. Witnesses reported that that they heard loud cracks and screaming.

Shortly after the accident, Six Flags lawyer released a statement that the safety of its guests and employees was the highest priority. The California Department of Industrial Relations is currently investigating the situation. Meanwhile, Six Flags is still dealing with a lawsuit regarding Rosa Esparza’s, who fell from a roller coaster in 2013, resulting in her death. The park has since taken measures to improve safety and upgrade rides.