Settle the Affair

Reality home conflict

The scandal that rocked the reality TV world last year has earned an additional layer of drama, as one of the core players involved, Ariana Madix, sues the culprit of deceit, Tom Sandoval.  Labeled as one of the most despised men on television, Sandoval was accused of and later admitted to stepping away from his girlfriend of nine years to engage in a months-long dalliance with one of the former pair’s co-stars.  The Vanderpump Rules conflict unfolded on-screen, on social media, and on and on and on.  With the season 11 premiere only a few days away, Madix has incorporated legal matters into the storyline.   

Since filming ended last year, and with the January 30 premiere date looming, fans may get a sneak peek into the ongoing calamity that Madix has been enduring with her ex-boyfriend.  The ex-couple’s shared home is one of the main ties Madix still has to Sandoval and is the focal point of her lawsuit against him.  According to one of her more recent interviews, Madix admitted that neither she nor Sandoval has moved from the home that they purchased together in 2019.  While Madix has remained in the home with her ex, she makes every effort to avoid him and elicits third party assistance.

In her lawsuit, Madix is asking a judge to essentially force Sandoval to agree to sell the home, which they bought for $2 million but at this juncture is considered to be worth more money.  If a partition by sale is granted in Madix’s favor, each party would receive a portion of equity from the sale of the home.  Madix has received questionable feedback on her delayed move-out date but has a clear reason for her decision.  She has emphasized that she pays half of a sizable mortgage bill and until her current household affairs are in order, she refuses to spend more money to live in a different permanent location.