Pujols Swinging for the Fences


In the present baseball climate, scrutiny and finger pointing has become the norm. Personalities and figures are cavalierly levying unfounded assertions of baseball players.  Fear not though, these libelous accusations are not being met without legal recourse. These past two weeks we have seen Alex Rodriguez take action against the MLB and more recently Major League Superstar Albert Pujols take action against a St. Louis Radio personality.

Apparently there is no love lost between Saint Louis sports broadcaster Jack Clark and Albert Pujols. Jack Clark, a former professional baseball player recently turned radio sports commentator claimed he had irrefutable proof of Mr. Pujols engaging in the use of PEDs. Mr Clark’s proof was based on a conversation he had with a former trainer of Mr. Pujols. According to Mr. Clark,  the conversation dispelled any question and for a fact he knew Pujols used the illicit substances. The wallet of Jack Clark hinges upon the testimony of the former trainer Mihlfeld. If Mihlfeld refuses to acknowledge any conversation corroborating Clark’s claims and Mr Clark cannot produce corroborating evidence of Pujol’s usage, then Clark will be subject to exemplary and punitive damages

Pujols claims the lawsuit is not a means of enhancing his bank account, but more appropriately to deter these types of reckless actions in the future.  These assertions, according to Mr. Pujols have caused him “personal humiliation, mental anguish and anxiety….”. Any damages awarded to Pujols will be donated to charity. Mr Pujols describes Clark as a “”a former major league baseball player turned struggling radio talk show host”.

What we can learn from this case is to be aware of any claims we make and to understand the potential ramifications of  our actions. Victims of these hastily made actions must also be aware there are litigious remedies.