Procter & Gamble Co. Reaches Settlement for Slack-Fill

Package misconception

Procter & Gamble Co., owner of Olay, has just settled a lawsuit with California prosecutors to the tune of $850,000. Prosecutors of Fresno,  Shasta, Yolo, and Riverside’s DA Offices filed a consumer-protection suit against the beauty company.  The settlement comes after Olay was accused of deceiving customers. Olay allegedly gave consumers the illusion that some of their products were bigger than they actually are, through the use of larger than needed packaging. Olay was ordered to modify the packaging on these products, as a result of the settlement.

The company is being held responsible for “Slack-fill”.  Slack Fill is done through the use of packaging, to make it look as though a product contains more than it actually does. This is against the California law. District Attorney Reisig gave a statement about the settlement, explaining “Our office remains vigilant and committed to consumer protection and to ensuring that consumers are not misled in their purchases by misrepresentations and false advertising”. “We are gratified that Proctor and Gamble recognized the issue, and is committed to changing its packaging”.

The payout of $850,000 will be split between all four District Attorney offices. Each office will receive $194,000 for civil penalties, and $12,000 to cover the cost of future consumer cases and similar investigations. P&G spokesman Bryan McCleary stated that “There was never any intention to misrepresent the size of our products”. The new Olay packaging will hit the shelves in 2018.