Phoning in a Settlement

‘Cell’-ing data

Although appeals or legal proceedings may interrupt the official approval of the settlement, T-Mobile customers may anticipate a December 2022 end date of a lawsuit involving their personal information. In August 2021, the discovery of an online sale of T-Mobile customer information led to an investigation of a company data breach that impacted more than 76 million individuals. T-Mobile maintained transparency regarding the breach and is now agreeing to settle the subsequent legal action for $350 million. This compensation will go directly to customers and aid in paying the cost of legal and administrative fees.

Based on T-Mobile’s disclosure of the issue, a hacker allegedly tapped into the personal information of not only current customers, but also former and prospective consumers. The company did not attempt to hide or ignore the breach, but rather handled the matter within an appropriate timeframe and has relayed the promise of security to its customers. The company has agreed to allocate an additional $150 million toward cybersecurity measures, which will be implemented through 2023. This term, as well as the proposed $350 million compensation, has been filed in the US District Court for the Western District of Missouri. The proposed claimants are located throughout the US and are not necessarily restricted to a specific geographical area.

Despite the unfortunate breach, T-Mobile has assured its customers that their information and the protection of their data are the cornerstones of the company’s business and remain a top priority. While T-Mobile has expressed concern over the matter, the company also recognizes that it is not the first and only company to be targeted by hackers or cyber attacks. In an effort to ensure that a breach does not occur again, the company has committed to implementing a cybersecurity task force that includes a “cybersecurity transformation office,” and contracts with consulting firms and a cybersecurity firm.