Off the Runway: Fashion Fury and a New Suit

Fashion fiasco

Project Runway, the hit television series, has its very own Veruca Salt. Winner Irina Shabayeva, nicknamed “Mean-a Irina” on Season 6 of Project Runway, left over 300 guests waiting for her collection to come down the runway during Fashion Week. Ms. Shabayeva is being sued for breach of contract, where the company is seeking compensation and damages for the “breach of good faith,” as well as costs, interest and attorney fees. The Lifetime fashion and design show hosted by model Heidi Klum and was previously on the Bravo network.The sponsor of the event, New York Fashion Shows, states Shabayeva signed a contract agreeing to put on two back-to-back runway shows, but she ruined everything with her bratty behavior. Not only did Ms. Shabayeva allegedly walk out with her entire collection before the second show, she also stole a $5,000 makeup case, according to the lawsuit. “Shabayeva, in front of guests, staff, vendors and models, announced that she was going to leave,” the suit claims. Even though Irina was tweeting pictures before the show how excited she was, there is no clear reason as to why she stormed out. The Daily News was told that the fault lies with New York Fashion Shows and that the lawsuit was an attempt to cover up its own incompetence from Shabayeva’s lawyer, Kevin Malek.

Mr. Malek says that Shabayeva plans to file a counter-suit against New York Fashion Shows. Ms. Shabayeva approved with he clothing line and there were not enough models for all the garments. New York Fashion Show supposedly refused to pay the models for the second show according to Malek. “It was absolutely horrific. Not only were her hopes and dreams of getting positive publicity dashed, but she was also defrauded and disenfranchised,” Malek said. New York Fashion Shows is stating that Irina signed a contract agreeing to pay for the show herself if she refused to partake and is liable for the expenses. There has not been an official court date set.  Even if you are in a situation where you are given an opportunity, such as the one Irina was given, walking away is such a waste. There are plenty of people would give anything to have a runway show at Fashion Week and to walk out over a silly disagreement is hard to take in.