Mold Covered Mansion

Property dispute

Although Megan Fox acknowledges that she failed to read prior reports and documentation about the state of the property, she agreed to move forward with the purchase of a $3.3 million Malibu mansion, once owned by Brad Pitt’s manager, Cynthia Pett-Dante. Among the claims addressed in Fox’s $5 million lawsuit against Pett-Dante, the actress focuses on mold and septic issues, as well as an illegal animal structure on the property. Fox stated that her main concern with the home was the presence of mold, which triggered chronic headaches and stress-related complications. The cost of fixing the stated issues was estimated at $500,000.

Legal counsel for the defendant pressed Fox to explain why she had not reviewed any of the documentation disclosing allegedly dangerous mold on the premises. The actress responded that she hires and pays people to read inspection reports and advise her on how best she should proceed with real estate purchases. Despite this claim, Pett-Dante’s lawyers claim that Fox’s own lawyer did not approve of the home sale and advised her to reconsider her decision. Based on the attractive price point and the close proximity to the desired school district for her children, Fox chose to continue her purchase of the home.

Although she was advised of the possible consequences for engaging in a risky home purchase, Fox still attempted to hold Pett-Dante accountable for the damage to the home, non-permitted structures on the property, and the long-term health complications that she endured from the mold exposure. Since the lawsuit was filed, the legal teams for both parties have agreed to a settlement. Under California civil code 998, Pett-Dante offered to enter a $100,000 deal that would prevent them from going to trial and end the dispute with an arbitration settlement. Fox has agreed to the compromise, which includes her inability to appeal the decision.