Jones Tackles Paternity Claim

Seeking fortune?

Everything is bigger in Texas, including the lawsuits. Jerry Jones, the owner, president, and general manager of the NFL’s Dallas Cowboys, is tasked with playing defense. A 25-year-old woman, Alexandra Davis, has filed a lawsuit against him, claiming that she is Jones’s daughter and is asking a court of law to determine the legitimacy of an agreement made in 1998. The nature of the lawsuit concerns Davis’s promise to not speak publicly of the alleged paternity matter. In order to solidify that agreement, both Davis and her mother received money from Jones.

Jones’s lawyers have addressed that since the establishment of the verbal contract in 1998, Davis has attempted to extort money from the Cowboys owner. Prior to initiating the recent lawsuit, Davis allegedly tried to force Jones into a negotiation process that would provide monetary compensation to her in exchange for her silence on the matter. After Jones refused to enter such a deal, Davis filed the lawsuit. Jones has always denied the validity of the paternity claim and has never acknowledged Davis as his daughter. The Cowboys owner has three children, all of whom hold executive positions of operation and leadership within the Dallas Cowboys franchise.

Arguably, Davis may see an opportunity to profit from the luxuries of the Jones family dynasty and is no stranger to forging a potential career in the spotlight. Davis and her mother, Cynthia, previously starred in the show “Big Rich Texas,” which aired on the Style Network for three seasons. Alexandra Davis, who now has a career in politics in Washington DC, aims to establish the paternity of her father, but is reportedly fearful of being sued in retaliation. Despite the alleged father-daughter relationship, there is speculation that Davis has never actually met Jerry Jones. The Cowboys owner has declined to comment on the lawsuit and has referred to it as a personal matter. In an attempt to toss out the lawsuit, a court hearing is set to take place.