Illegal Pesticide Use in America’s Healthiest Grocery Store

The healthy option?

The state of California is suing Whole Foods Market for selling products thatcontain pesticides that have not yet been registered with the state. The four products being reviewed are either pet products or insect repellants. Charlotte Fadipe, who is part of the California Department of Pesticide Regulation states, “to sell a pesticide product in stores, a company must register it with the state so that it can be tested and approved for safe use”. According to Charlotte, Whole Foods did not register the pesticides they are using in these four particular products, and people are bringing these products into their home without knowing if they are safe for use. Because these pesticides are unregistered, there is no way for the Department of Pesticide Regulation to know if they are safe, it must be first tested and approved.

Whole Foods Market has already voluntarily provided the Department of Pesticide Regulation with information to assist in their investigation. The company claims that what they are using in these pet and insect repellant products have not yet been determined to be pesticides. They are eager to take this case in front of a judge when the lawsuit comes to trial and have the opportunity to address this matter. Apparently, this has been an ongoing issue with this particular grocery store. There will be an extensive investigation for a range of products the Department of Pesticide Regulation believes contain pesticides that are not registered with the state.

Whole Foods is not exempt from following state regulations for the use of pesticides in their products. The Department of Pesticide Regulation requires testing on all pesticides to assure consumers that they are safe to use in their homes and around their families. The use of unregistered pesticides in products is a danger to the many consumers that shop at Whole Foods Market. All the other grocery stores in the state of California must abide by these regulations, and Whole Foods should not deem themselves set apart from these practices.