Former NFL Players Rush to Meet Class Action Deadline

Head games

Former NFL football players who have suffered from neurological damage and head injuries foresee an approaching resolution to the six-year-long legal battle against the NFL. This fight initiated in 2011 and settled in 2013; however, it was determined that the $765 million settlement was not enough money to cover the cost of compensation for the 20,000 former NFL players involved in the lawsuit. In 2015, after extensive negotiations, a federal judge removed the limit of $765 million to leave room for a potentially higher payout. The family members of those whom have since passed away as a result of chronic head damage may also benefit from this lawsuit.

The lawsuit sparked interest due to the increased realization that the NFL undermined the high risks associated with playing football at a professional level. Instead, the NFL promoted the league to players by highlighting the fame and fortune they would receive. The likely danger of head injury was not stressed or presented as a probable concern. For this reason, former players who suffered from the long-term effects of concussions began filing claims against the NFL.

The potential settlement amount may cost the NFL $1 billion, including court costs and lawyer fees. A designated $700,000 fund has been set aside for lawyer compensation. Depending on the severity of long-term injury, the specific payout to those affected varies. While some players may not see a significantly high amount, any one player with an intense neurological disease could receive $5 million in compensation. Based on the astronomical monetary value, this case stands as the largest lawsuit in NFL history.

With the August 7th deadline quickly approaching, there is a rush to recruit former players into the class action. After this date, affected parties may not enter the lawsuit as claimants. The precise conditions of the settlement are not final; however, the predicted $1 billion settlement is a high price to pay for avoidable negligence.

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