Fighting over the “American Dream”

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The American Dream complex – formerly known as Xanadu and located in East Rutherford, New Jersey – has become a controversial addition to the area. Construction of the complex began in 2007, but the building itself experienced a delayed development. Despite its potential for a variety of fun opportunities from 300+ retail stores to theme parks, protesters have put forth legitimate apprehensions and lawsuits over the complex’s effects to the surrounding areas.

Concerns have also been raised by the New York Giants and New York Jets’ management at MetLife Stadium over the potential increase in traffic congestion to the area. The Giants co-owner John Mara noted that the football teams are not seeking to shut down the whole project but instead are seeking a compromise that would bring success to both businesses. The sports teams have officially filed lawsuits over their concerns, but development is still scheduled to move forward. The Triple Five Group returned the favor and sued the sports teams for “interfering with the project and making unrealistic claims about projected traffic problems.” (CBS, 2013)

Construction of the complex was originally taken on by the Mills Corporation who subsequently went bankrupt in 2007. Building development is currently owned by the Triple Five Group who assumed ownership in July 2013. The Triple Five Group also owns and operates the Mall of America located in Saint Paul, Minneapolis. Though construction is currently placed on hold, the American Dream Meadlowlands is scheduled to open in early 2015.