Dog Finds a New Home

Dog dilemma

Pending a federal lawsuit, the ownership of a dog named Max was up in the air for about five years.  He was not allowed to be adopted or euthanized until a settlement was reached. Max has been described as a vicious dog who apparently attacked individuals who came to the home of his owner, to take him to the hospital.  The emergency responders claimed the dog ran from the home after the alleged attack and was seen running around town.  Although the owner, Charlie Holt, was admitted into the hospital, the shelter that picked up Max said Holt was too late in claiming him.  Due to Holt’s stay in the hospital, it would have been impossible for him to come for the dog during the shelter’s five-day window. As a result, Holt filed a lawsuit in 2016.

The purpose of the lawsuit was to fight for Max to be returned into Holt’s custody.  Unfortunately, Charlie Holt passed away in 2018, leaving his family to pick up the lawsuit where he left off.  Within the past month, the parties involved have come to agreeable terms and Max has found a new home.  Michael Privett took in the hyper 7-year-old German shepherd and has been training him into a better dog.  Privett’s background is in veterinary medicine and has extensive experience working with animals that have been neglected.

Privett recognizes Max’s prior experience living in a shelter and does not take his behavior lightly.  He has refrained from allowing Max near other humans but is happy to report that Max gets along well with the other animals on Privett’s property in Columbia, South Carolina.  Privett has also assured the public that Max has not acted violently toward him and encourages positive training over negative reinforcement.  With the lawsuit over, the specifications within the settlement have not been revealed to the public, however, the parties came to a decision out of court.