Diet Pills Allegedly Land New York Woman in Mental Institution

Weight Loss Pills Cause NY Woman to Lose Her Mind.

Sainah Theodore is suing a Natural Health Food Center in East New York after she claimed a diet pill caused her to argue with strangers, stop her car in the middle of intersections, stab pillows and ultimately land her in a mental hospital. The weight loss pill initially caused her to sleep lightly and eventually resulted in six days of insomnia. Reports state that she sent her mother irrational and aggressive text messages and told a friend she was hearing voices. The pills are said to have been spiked with illegal stimulants that caused her to suffer from insomnia and act bizarrely. “I couldn’t believe all of this happened to me. It was a blur. I had no recollection of my behavior,” (Yaniv, 2014) said Theodore.

Ms. Theodore is placing the blame with Natural Health Food Center in East New York where she purchased the diet pill (Lipo X) which she claimed resulted in her spending 5 days in a mental institution. “Once I came out of the sedation, it was clear to me it was the pill that caused it,” (Yaniv, 2013)  said Theodore. Kennedy Angeliz, who is said to be the shop owners son, claims the insurance company suggests that Ms. Theodore was fasting while on the pills. Ms. Theodore’s lawyer maintains that she ate properly while taking the the pills.

Lab tests of the capsules she took confirmed they contained high levels of caffeine, a laxative that is restricted in over the counter drugs and Sibutramine, a weight loss stimulant that was banned by the FDA in 2010 due to a number of negative side effects. None of these substances appeared on the Lipo X label. Industry insiders confirmed that spiked supplements can enhance the performance of pills like this and are a known problem. “The insurance is handling this. That’s all I will say.” (Yaniv, 2013) says Kennedy Angeliz, the store manager’s son.