Customers Tear into Legging Company

Stretch it out

Leggings have become a staple in the closets and wardrobes of many individuals within the last few years. A reliable pair of leggings may compare to a favorite pair of jeans, but only if they last. Unhappy customers of clothing company, LuLaRoe, are appalled at the damaged fabric of their leggings. Customer reviews contain pictures and complaints of the $25 leggings, where holes and rips appear at the seams and in the middle of the pant legs. Not only are the customers annoyed with LuLaRoe’s lack of compassion, but they are also disappointed with the company’s reluctance to issue refunds. Many unsatisfied customers either received already damaged leggings upon delivery, or the leggings tear while being worn for the first time.

A lawsuit was filed on March 23 by two customers, one from Massachusetts, and the other from California. Both argued that the quality and durability of the product is not up to par. Any customer who purchased LuLaRoe leggings after March 31, 2016 may be eligible to benefit from a potential settlement. The California plaintiff stated that of the three pairs of leggings she bought, two ripped as she pulled on them lightly. The Massachusetts plaintiff noticed that after wearing a pair of leggings for a short while, tiny holes began to stretch throughout the pant.

The plaintiffs contend that LuLaRoe is fully aware of the issues with the fabric of the leggings, but do not take the necessary steps to fix the problem. The company has admitted to weakening the 94% polyester and 6% spandex fabric strands to make the leggings feel soft and comfortable. Weakening fabric fibers may allude to the possibility of cheap craftsmanship. Amidst a pending lawsuit, LuLaRoe continues to stand behind their product, and intends to contest any claims against the quality of the leggings.