Consumers at a Loss for Words

Natural hair beware

As hair style trends shift every couple of years, we find ourselves replacing our hair care products with ones that are tailored toward the new norm.  Founded in 1994, DevaCurl is one such brand that is appealing to the relatively new craze of sporting natural, semi-untouched hair.  In the early- to mid-2000s, almost every middle school girl straightened their natural wave or locks to a pin-straight point. As was the style of the day.  Now consumers are flocking to the retail store shelves to buy DevaCurl, the company that produces a formula to volumize and accentuate curly textures.  While the promise of the product was widely accepted by consumers, the alleged result of its consistent use is alarming.

Just this month, consumers of DevaCurl products filed a class action lawsuit claiming they lost their hair and suffered scalp irritation after using the products.  For some women, their hair felt as if it was not their own and completely dry. Typical for companies that are facing allegations, DevaCurl did not comment on the nature of the class action and instead, ensures the continued safety of all products.  The company has also publicly stated that all of the products have gone through industry standard testing and are determined to be of the highest quality possible.

This proclamation and assurance may not provide comfort to those who are experiencing negative side effects from using DevaCurl products.  On the contrary, consumers are accusing the company of masking its knowledge of these apparent side effects behind persuasive marketing that highlights the products’ enriching benefits.  Only some of the questionable products named in the class action include DevaCurl Styling Cream, Light Defining Gel, Wavemaker, and Super Stretch Coconut Curl Elongator.  Any consumers who have sustained hair loss, scalp irritation, or other related side effects after purchasing and using some of these DevaCurl products are encouraged to seek options for joining the class action.