Chemical Bath Causes Injuries

Waterpark disaster

Following a July 17 chemically infused incident at the Houston-area Six Flags Hurricane Harbor Splashdown, a mother of three daughters filed a lawsuit. Since the filing, more than 200 individuals have joined the legal dispute, citing similar complaints. While enjoying their day at the Six Flags waterpark, Amanda Regulus and her three daughters each suffered from headaches, skin pains, and sore throats. The symptoms of chemical exposure were not temporary, as the mother and children are still receiving medical aid and attention for their injuries. According to court documents, the chemicals, which included hypochlorite and sulfuric acid, spilled into the waterpark.

Although Regulus initially filed the lawsuit, 200 or more visitors were exposed to the toxic fumes, and 31 individuals receive necessary medical treatment. The leak occurred around 2:30 pm on Saturday, July 17 near a children’s pool within the waterpark. A representative from Six Flags has assured those who are concerned that the cause of the chemical spill has been identified and measures will be taken to guarantee that a similar incident will not take place in the future. The Harris County Fire Marshall’s Office is also looking into the issue and is conducting its own investigation. As of July 20, the waterpark failed to continue its operation.

While the chemical spill is a clear concern, the subsequent actions of the park immediately following the acknowledgement of the leak are as equally jarring. The waterpark guests were not hastily evacuated from the toxicity, but instead, were pushed to enter a promotion before leaving the park. The attorney for the Regulus family has provided comments pertaining to the grounds of the lawsuit, which involve the apparent negligence of the park and the inappropriate response following the incident. Additionally, the family attorney has filed a temporary restraining order preventing the park from destroying evidence related to the chemical spill. The intent of the lawsuit is to not only compensate those affected, but also prevent a recurrence of similar events.