Chad Hurley Faced With Lawsuit Over Kimye Proposal Video

Don’t Mess With Kimye

Crashing their “private” proposal party is one way to get on Kanye West and Kim Kardashian’s bad side, as Chad Hurley has learned the hard way. The Kimye legal team has served Hurley with a lawsuit stating he violated a non-disclosure agreement he signed by posting a video of the proposal on his new venture, MixBit. Hurley reportedly was not invited to the private party, but tagged along with a friend who was invited, and was only allowed to stay after signing this non-disclosure agreement. The suit seeks damages of an unspecified amount depending on the cost estimate to the video rights. The rights to the proposal video were only to go to MC Cable Television, which is associated with E!.

Chad Hurley, one of the Co-Founders of YouTube, found this to be a great opportunity to show off his newest creation MixBit. Hurley was completely aware that the video rights were owned by someone else, but proceeded to post the video and tweet it to his many followers. “Kimye says Hurley manipulated his way into the ballpark, then used the video to draw attention to MixBit. They contend in the suit that they allowed him to stay for their big event only after he signed a non-disclosure form and took a picture holding it”. It is stated that Hurley was looking for ways to promote his new business, and saw this proposal as an opportunity he could use to his advantage. The lawsuit charges Hurley with breach of written contract.

Celebrities should be entitled to privacy in their personal life events too right? Just because this proposal extravaganza took place at a public ballpark, it was a private party reserved for invited friends and family. Hurley complied with the written contract submitted to him and was allowed to stay despite his lack of an invitation. Breaking such a contract has consequences, and Hurley will have to face the music as anyone else would.