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Brooklyn Woman Arrested After Filming Police

Could be filming some police brutality

Did you know that New York City paid $550 million in lawsuits during the 2011 fiscal year?  That is $70 from every resident in the New York area.  Taxpayers are paying at least $185 million for NYPD lawsuits alone!  Well, there is yet another lawsuit against the NYPD, because of racial profiling that comes along with searching and frisking.

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New Mexico 15 Year Old Kills 5 Family Members


Prosecutors are still deciding whether to charge, 15 year-old Nehemiah Griego, as an adult for the murders of his five family members.  Victims include Greg Griego (Father), Sara Griego (mother), Zephania (9), Jael (5), and Angelina (2).  Nehemiah Griego was charged with two counts of murder and three counts of child abuse ending in death.

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Florida Wants To Stop Drones From Spying


Senator Joe Negron, has sponsored a bill that is close to passing in legislation for the ban of drones or UAV surveillance in the state of Florida.  The Unmanned Aerial Vehicle is an aircraft that is controlled by computer or by a pilot using remote control.  There is no actual pilot in the drone but it has such technologies that can observe the surface it is covering.  Senator Negron, the Criminal Justice Committee, and its citizens believe drones are an excuse to spy on Floridians.

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Aaron Swartz Internet Activist Dies In Brooklyn

Found on Flickr with only a few rights reserved.

It’s quite suspicious that, Co-Founder of Reddit and RSS, Aaron Swartz, committed suicide this weekend in his Brooklyn, NY apartment.  It’s even more disturbing to hear that he had been facing charges under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act where he could have been potentially seeing 35 years in prison and up to $1 million dollars in fines.

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Magic Band To Track Behavior at Disney Parks

Now you can spend more at Disney World!

I have this recurring dream where I am in an all white room and fog is surrounding me.  I am holding a goofy doll and panicking.  All of a sudden a huge golfball is approaching me and a crowd of people are racing by.  I start to cry and look for my parents, turning in a circle and getting more scared.  My mom runs up to me and I squeeze her so hard that it wakes me up.  This is a recurring dream because it actually happened to me when I was in Disney World.  Well, thanks to Disney I won’t have to experience this trauma any more.

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