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The Cost Of A Settlement

Peephole problem solved

Erin Andrews, famous sportscaster for Fox, was awarded $55 million in her lawsuit against Michael David Barrett and the owner of the Marriott Hotel in Nashville Tennessee. Andrews had been seeking compensation for the emotional distress she suffered following the 2008 incident where Michael Barrett recorded her naked in the privacy of her hotel room though a peephole from the neighboring room.

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Personal Foul: Allegations Surround Super Bowl

Roughing the passer

Peyton Manning is well known as the mature father figure of the National Football League. Unfortunately, the Super Bowl XLVI winning quarterback of the Denver Broncos has made unwanted headlines this week for his association with a 1997 University of Tennessee sexual harassment lawsuit. Dr. Jamie Naughright, former Director of Health & Wellness at the University of Tennessee, reported that Peyton Manning exposed himself to her while she was examining his foot in the locker room.  In his book “Manning: A Father, His Sons and A Football Legacy” Manning accounted the incident as a harmless locker-room exchange where he was “mooning” a fellow player. Manning called the event “crude maybe, but harmless”. Read More

The Extra Fishy Cat Food Industry

Commercial fishing

In September of 2015 a group of consumers filed two separate class-action lawsuits in
California against food giants Mars Inc. and Nestlé. Federal Lawmakers, State Department officials, and pet food companies are accusing the major seafood-based pet food producers for failing to disclose its dependence on forced labor.

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Snowboarders Are Feeling Left Out


Alta Ski Resort, in the Wasatch Mountains of Utah, and the U.S. Forest Service are being sued for discrimination against snowboarders. A group calling themselves Wasatch Equality is carrying out the lawsuit and they say denying snowboarders access to Alta Ski Resort is a violation of the 14th amendment. If Alta Resort operated on privately owned land they would have the ability to deny access to snowboarders. However this situation is very dicey because most ski resorts do not own the mountains that the resorts are on, they rent/manage the land for the State Forestry Department. Currently there are over one hundred other resorts in America on U.S. Forest Service land that allow snowboarding, Alta is the only resort leased from the Forestry Department that does not allow snowboards.

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