A&E Television Sued For Camo Clothing

Lawsuit dynasty

Calling all Duck Dynasty fans! Everyone who watches the popular TV show is well aware of the famous one-liners made by Si Robertson. A most recent line that A&E decided to capitalize on, has them facing intellectual property lawsuits from a clothing company with a similar product. The most recent “Si saying” that made its way onto several apparel items is, “My favorite color is camo”. According to The Hollywood Reporter, “The plaintiff is a company called Hajn, which has been selling a line of apparel that’s branded “My Favorite Color’s Camo.” The company has a registered trademark and reports gaining national visibility with its mark”.

The television network also promoted the product on social media, and has contracts with Sears, Walmart, Kohls, and other large department stores. “The deal with Walmart is said to have generated $400 million for A&E last year alone”. Hajn states the use of this tagline on clothing has caused confusion, thinking that Hajn is somehow related to the show and selling novelty items. A&E is being sued for trademark infringement and unfair competition, they are seeking unspecified monetary damages. Hajn also states that A&E did not respond to a cease and desist letter that was sent by them.

A&E has not commented on any pending litigation. “Hajn claims it registered the trademark and put it on shirts, pants, hoodies, hats, magnets, stickers and bumper stickers in 2011, a year before the “Duck Dynasty” reality series began airing on A&E”. They have demanded A&E stop selling the apparel, but have yet to see the items coming off the shelves.