ADT Protects More Than Your Home

ADT is watching (out for) you

Security company, ADT, strives to uphold the motto that the company is “Always There.” This slogan is meant to ensure the efficiency and reliability of the security systems, fire protection systems, and alarm monitors; however, ADT is also cognizant in other aspects. In regard to the most recent legal settlement, ADT was there to prevent their existing customers from falling victim to deceptive advertising and sales practices.

Three separate companies, and the owner of one of the companies, were held responsible for deceptively marketing services to loyal ADT customers. The companies in question include Capital Connect, Alliance Security, and Alder. The owner of Alder, Adam Shantz, was also selected as a defendant in a lawsuit. All three companies provide security services.  Alliance Security maintains a specialty in home security devices to match specific needs of families. In addition to home security and surveillance, Capital Connect also offers commercial security options. Alder is known to provide home security, home automation, and medical alert assistances.  As the #1 home security company, ADT surpasses the other three companies in terms of quality and range of service offers.

In an effort to go up against their competitor, Capital Connect, Alliance Security, and Alder attempted to persuade existing ADT customers to upgrade to the services of the other companies. By establishing a fictitious affiliation with ADT and persuading customers to believe they needed to upgrade their services, sales associates from the other companies tried to poach customers from ADT. As a result of over 200 complaints from ADT customers, the “Always There” company filed lawsuits against the offending companies.

All of the parties involved in the lawsuits have agreed to a monetary settlement, as well as the prevention of future use of deceptive sales tactics to ADT customers. Alder is required to pay ADT $3 million, Alliance Security must pay $1.5 million, and Capital Connect has agreed to pay $1 million. The legal settlements prove that ADT is not only the leading home security company, but also an advocate for the rights of their customers.

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