Aaron Hernandez ‘Victim’ Seeks $100,000

More than just a 15-yard penalty

Unsportsmanlike conduct could be a bit of an understatement.  After being indicted for the alleged murder of a man in Massachusetts, Aaron Hernandez, former Tight End for the New England Patriots, is also being sued.  Alexander Buckley claims that when Hernandez was in college in Florida, he was “shot and left for dead” by the former NFL star.  Summoned to the stand during the grand jury investigation into Hernandez, Buckley was asked about the incident that left him with a missing eye.  A Superior Court judge in Falls River, MA motioned to see what more information Buckley had against Hernandez.  Buckley is seeking $100,000 in damages.

Violence does not seem to be a new thing to Aaron Hernandez; in fact, it seems as if there have been red flags for the past few years.  While a college bar-fight in 2007 may have not raised major concerns, there was also a double homicide in 2012 that Hernandez is now being investigated in.  Obviously, all of these pale in comparison to the latest charge that led to his arrest.  Greg Odin, a supposed friend of Hernandez’, was murdered last month, leading to the former TE star being indicted for first-degree murder and also 5 various gun charges.

How the mighty have fallen.  Aaron Hernandez, who was widely considered one of the best offensive weapons in Tom Brady’s arsenal, is on a downward spiral.  In fact, this was one of the major concerns for the Patriots when they drafted him in 2010.  Not only will he never see the football field again, but it’s looking less and less likely that he will see anything out of a jail cell any time soon.  When a $100,000 settlement lawsuit is the least of your concerns, you know there are serious problems.  The Patriots released Aaron Hernandez hours before he was arrested, and the NFL is currently taking action to remove his likeness and images from all facets of the league.

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