A Counterclaim They Can’t Refuse

Who will win?

Filed by his former employee, the former Godfather is facing a lawsuit that comes in retaliation after an initial claim was filed by the actor’s company.  Graham Chase Robinson is going after Robert De Niro for gender discrimination and has provided a list of specific examples and instances to solidify her accusations.  Upon learning of Robinson’s intent to file, De Niro’s company, Canal Productions, sued her for $6 million based on her apparently subpar performance as an employee.  Robinson confirms that the allegations made against her are false, comparable to cinematic fabrication.

In the suit filed by De Niro’s company, Robinson is accused of inaccurately recording her vacation time, using frequent flyer miles for personal travel, charging the company credit card inappropriately, and watching 55 episodes of Friends throughout the course of four days, during company time.  While the statements made against her are arguably unfounded, Robinson and her lawyers are fighting the seemingly extreme $6 million sought by Canal Productions. Not only are the accusations defamatory, but Robinson’s lawyers are also pushing a motion to have De Niro’s lawsuit dismissed entirely.

De Niro and his company stand firm in their pursuit of damages but have not necessarily expressed innocence in the claims against them. Robinson sites several instances of how De Niro allegedly executed acts of gender discrimination against her.  Robinson reported that De Niro spoke inappropriately around her and subjected her to belittling tasks.  In her role of vice president of production and finance, Robinson was treated like De Niro’s assistant and routinely engaged in housework in De Niro’s apartment that included tending to the actor’s tidying of personal appearance.  Her main argument is that she was paid less than a male who performed similar duties. Robinson is looking for $12 million, which would pay for back pay, front pay, and compensatory and punitive damages.