Austin Sigg Tried For The Murder of Ten Year-Old Jessica Ridgeway


I can’t say how I would feel after a kidnapping and murder but I am pretty sure that it was eating at Austin Sigg, 17 year-old from Golden, Colorado.  Colorado courts have ruled that there is enough evidence to prove Austin Sigg guilty for the murder of Jessica Ridgeway.

Austin Sigg, had called four days after Jessica Ridgeway’s body was found in a park a mile from her house.  Sigg had his mother call and admit that he had killed Jessica and had evidence to prove it. Apparently Austin had freaked out after FBI agents had questioned him just four days before looking for Jessica Ridgeway.

Sigg kidnapped Jessica on her way to a friends house.  He tied her hands and legs with zip ties and then took her to his house.  He had tried to strangle her with the zip ties and then used his hands.  It was reported that Jessica died of asphyxiation.  Sigg later dismembered his body, put her in a bag, and dropped the body in a nearby park.  Sigg told police that he had more body parts in a crawl space in his mother’s house.  After his confession they checked the crawl space and found more parts as well as child pornography adding three counts of sexual exploitation.

Sigg’s DNA was found all over a backpack and the garbage bag that police found her body.  The chilling part of this crime is that Sigg claims that he, “didn’t rape her.  I didn’t torture her,” even though there was said to be DNA found on her underwear.  The question still remains why Sigg went through with the kidnapping and murder.  Sigg now faces charges of murder, kidnapping, sexual assault, and robbery.

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