Christopher Dorner’s Body Found?

A representation of the scene at Big Bear Lake

After all the hustle and bustle it seems that Christopher Dorner could possibly have been killed in a cabin fire where he took shelter.  There had been a $1 million reward to bring in Dorner, but officials found a stolen vehicle and located his whereabouts.  They tracked him to a cabin where a shootout had started.  Apparently there was a shot fired and smoke devices thrown in to the cabin.  The cabin burst in to flames and had been burning for hours throughout the night.  Now, authorities need to wait for the body to cool in order to identify the body.  LAPD claim that his wallet was found close to the body with his ID and drivers license.

The body found in the cabin still needs to be identified but no one knows for sure that this is Christopher Dorner’s body.  Officials say that they found his wallet and ID close to the body that was burnt but the media reported on February 7, that a truck driver found his license and turned it in.  There is also suspicion on the fact that the body was burned so bad they could not identify it but they found his license and ID still in tact.

Media was blocked from the range of the cabin and the shootout with Christopher Dorner. Although there was live coverage from reporters in the area there were no real shots of the events that were unfolding.  So the question still remains if LAPD got their man or if the hunt should continue.

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