Pizza Hut Delivery Man Fights Back!

Not your average delivery

It comes as no surprise that delivering pizza can be a dangerous job.  A college kid walking around an unfamiliar neighborhood in the middle of the night with a pocket full of cash and a hot pizza in his hand can be a tantalizing target.  Sam Swicegood, a former Pizza Hut delivery man knew just how dangerous his job could potentially be.  Sam was attacked one night by five teenagers while trying to deliver a pizza.  But after being sucker-punched, the prepared delivery man whipped out a tent pole from his sleeve and frantically swung at his attackers defending both himself and the pizza.  His act of self-defense proved effective when the teenagers fled from the pipe wielding delivery man.

Even though Sam was successful in protecting his personal well being he was not so fortunate in protecting his future at Pizza Hut.  Sam reported to Fox 45 that he was demoted from delivery-man to cook, and that his pay and hours were reduced due to his explicit violation of Pizza Hut’s no weapons policy.  According to the company, defending yourself with a personal weapon is prohibited in any circumstance.  Sam was flabbergasted by the actions of his employers.  He felt that he had no choice but to defend himself with any amount of force necessary.  Sam told Fox News Insider, “five people against one is not a good situation to be in.  I thought I was about to die”.

While death may have been an unrealistic outcome, I agree that five against one is not a good situation to be in.  When the numbers are that one sided I believe that force with a weapon may have been the only option Sam was left with.  Sam is still currently a Pizza Hut employee and the organization claims to be handling the situation internally.  Pizza Hut denies the allegations that Sam has been demoted and claim that neither his hours nor his pay have been cut.  One can only hope that everything will work out for Sam Swicegood or we may all be faced with the inconvenience of picking up our own pizza.

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