Magic Band To Track Behavior at Disney Parks

Now you can spend more at Disney World!

I have this recurring dream where I am in an all white room and fog is surrounding me.  I am holding a goofy doll and panicking.  All of a sudden a huge golfball is approaching me and a crowd of people are racing by.  I start to cry and look for my parents, turning in a circle and getting more scared.  My mom runs up to me and I squeeze her so hard that it wakes me up.  This is a recurring dream because it actually happened to me when I was in Disney World.  Well, thanks to Disney I won’t have to experience this trauma any more.

Disney is putting the past behind them with their new Magic Band that replaces tickets, fast pass, and credit cards.  With the new Magic Band you can upload all your credit card information and any more personal information on to the band to ensure the greatest experience at Disney Parks.  With more information pulled Disney characters can be more informal in welcoming you to the parks.  The Magic Band includes an RFID chip to track all of your behaviors in Disney parks.  This is used so that Disney can make your experience more personal and stalk your every move.

The RFID chip has the ability to locate where you are in the park and can locate your lost children.  I think I needed that when I visited.  The Magic Bands will work well with the new My Disney Experience website and app for your phone.  The Magic Band is a bit futuristic but you can choose whether or not to take one upon your visit.

One thought on “Magic Band To Track Behavior at Disney Parks

  1. Robyn Doane

    It’s nice to know that Disney has some of the leading technology in their parks. It’s scary to think that it comes in a “Magic Band.” I am terrified to think about the aftermath to these bands. How many spam emails and phone calls will I be getting from Disney if I decide to wear one on my vacation. Even worse how much money will I lose because it is so easy to swipe with this Magic Band. One thing is for sure, I will never need to worry about losing any kids. If they disappear from my sight all I need to do is track them down with the bracelet they are wearing. Hoorah! The worst part about these bands are that they can track our behavior. Big brother will step in and follow our consumer moves.

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