Parents Face Murder Charges After Beating Their 7 Year Old


Roderick Arrington, a 7 year old from Las Vegas, passed away on November 30 after his mother and step-father beat him to death.  What was the reason?  He did not do his homework and lied about reading a bible passage.  He was admitted to the hospital on November 29 for sever bruising and brain swelling.  Roderick moved from Illinois where he was living with his father to Las Vegas with his mother Dina Palmer and step-father Markiece Palmer.  Dina would let Markiece discipline her son and would join in if her son was no obeying their rules.  Dina was involved in Roderick’s last beating and watched Markiece, “shake her son to death.”  Roderick, had bruises on the back of his buttocks, thighs, and back from various objects.

Roderick was apparently punished days before with scars on his buttocks and thighs.  His parents used belts, spatulas, and even a wooden paddle.  Police reported that the objects had blood on all of them.  Dina and Markiece did not call the police first, instead they dialed their pastor to tell him what they had done.

Roderick’s grandfather, George Roach who he lived with in Illinois, is deeply saddened by Roderick’s death.  He is more disappointed that he will never see high school or have the opportunity to go to college.

Markiece said his step-son was a good kid and very friendly, so then I guess that makes up for the fact that he beat him.  Markiece and Dina are now facing murder chargers, neglect, and child abuse all because their son lied about reading a bible passage.

One thought on “Parents Face Murder Charges After Beating Their 7 Year Old

  1. Robyn Doane

    How does someone live with themselves after they beat their son to death? It is bad enough that the mother of Roderick watched and even participated in the beatings but to call their pastor first is a disgrace. What were they trying to do? Were they trying to cover themselves in hopes that the pastor would forgive them? Why were they not worried that their son was in critical condition? This seriously disgusts me and I am disappointed that such a “holy” people would punish a child for not reading a bible passage. If you are a student under god don’t you think that you would show compassion and understanding, especially for a 7 year old! Unfortunately, Dina and Markiece learned their lesson the hard way but at least now they have time to pray for their sins in prison.

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