Chris Brown Avoids Punishment Yet Again

Not Chris Breezy

In 2009, the singer Chris Brown, was sentenced to serve over 1,400 hours in a “labor oriented service, and was ordered to complete a 52-week domestic violence program.  This was the result of the domestic violence charge he received after assaulting his girlfriend at the time, Rihanna.  Since then, previous to his most recent trial on November 1st, he has tested positive for marijuana use while in Virginia.  He somehow got away with it in court due to the fact that the marijuana was consumed in California, as allowed by his medical marijuana license.

Although Brown remained silent throughout the majority of his hearing on Thursday, he did raise his hand once in an effort to speak.  He was quickly shot down by his defense attorney Mark Geragos who told Brown, “I don’t dance, you don’t talk,” which allegedly had Mr. Brown smiling in the court room.  Does that seem like he is really sorry about the whole situation?

He is scheduled to begin a world-wide tour on November 14th, which will extend from America, to South Africa, and even to Europe.  Mr. Brown’s probation officer did write a report on Chris, stating that he “appears to be making a sincere effort to comply with terms and conditions of probation.”  All traveling plans must still be approved by his probations officer.  Mr. Brown seems to have gotten lucky until then but should not expect the court to be so lenient in the future.  Mr. Brown is scheduled to re-appear in court on January 17th where the status of his probation progress will be assessed.