Dorice Moore On Trial For Lottery Winner Death


In light of the recent Powerball lottery, a murder trial with Dorice Moore seems all too relevant.  Dorice Moore was the financial adviser to Abraham Shakespeare and is now on trial for first degree murder for the death of her client.  Mr. Shakespeare was once a multi million dollar lottery winner in Tampa, Flordia, but is no longer reaping the benefits.  Ms. Moore allegedly shot Abraham in the chest and spine, and then continued to bury his body under a concrete slab in her backyard.  There are no eyewitnesses as of this moment but prosecutors have no doubt that she knew something up was when Mr. Shakespeare went missing.

Ms. Moore became Mr. Shakespeare’s financial adviser after he complained of people trying to to advantage of the fact that he had won the lottery.  They bonded on this and she started handling all of his money and accounts.  Before his death she slowly was transferring money from his accounts to her own.  Ms. Moore even went so far as to start a business in his name excluding him from touching the profits.

Family members of Shakespeare started questioning his absence, to where Ms. Moore acted by paying his debts and even sent letters to his friends, even though Mr. Shakespeare was illiterate.  Authorities found Mr. Shakespeare’s body, mummified, and slowly decaying in Ms. Moore’s backyard in 2010.  She is now awaiting trial for his murder that could ultimately lead to a prison sentence.

One thought on “Dorice Moore On Trial For Lottery Winner Death

  1. Robyn Doane Post author

    Did she think she wasn’t going to get caught? I just don’t understand how some people can be so greedy. This man reached out to her in hopes that she would protect him. He put his trust in this woman and she took advantage of it. And it was all for what? I want to say that I have faith in our society to do the “right” thing, but after reading about stories like this, there seems to be a fine line between honesty and corruption.

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