Flava Flav gets Arrested for Assault

Worn Around Flavor’s Neck

William J. Drayton, also known as Flavor Flav was arrested in Las Vegas, Nevada.  He was charged with assault with a deadly weapon and battery against Elizabeth Trujillo, his fiancée of 8 years, and her son.  Drayton and Trujillo got into a verbal confrontation over the fact that he cheated on her.  The argument allegedly escalated to a downstairs bedroom of their four-bedroom, 2, ½ bathroom house, where Drayton became physical with Trujillo.

Trujillo claimed that Drayton, “Grabbed her by the shoulders, stomach and arms, and threw her to the ground two separate times.”  Also, Trujillo’s earring had been ripped out of her ear during the process.  This was when Gibran, Trujillo’s 17 year-old son, began wrestling with Drayton in the living room of the house.  Drayton allegedly grabbed two kitchen knives and began chasing Gibran around the house threatening to kill him.  The police showed up at the house and arrested him at 3:30 am.

Although Drayton reportedly confirmed the statements of Trujillo and her son Gibran, he denied chasing and threatening the teenager.  During the incident, Flavor Flav sliced his finger on one of the knives he was wielding.  The assault charge carries a $20,000 bond and the battery charge carries a $3,000 bond.  Yeesh, that’s steep!  The $20,000 bond is probably more than what he was making for Flavor of Love.