The Witch Hunt Finally Ends for Amanda Todd

Amanda Todd Witch Hunt?

Amanda Todd, a 15 year old from British Columbia, has taken her life due to years of torment from her peers and community.  The young girl had made the mistake of flashing her breasts to a gentleman online during a slumber party.  This man found her on Facebook and sent the pictures out to all her friends and classmates.  She was chastised and bullied for her adolescent decision for years, even having to move more than once to escape the agony.  Todd made a Youtube video reaching out for help, stating that she had once tried to take her life and that she needed someone to lend a hand.  The authorities knew about the pictures and the school system knew of her suicidal threats, but then where were they when she actually decided to end it?  The real important question is why is this disturbing gentleman, who took Todd’s intimate pictures viral, not locked up?  I guess a number of people had the same question because the group Anonymous, an unlikely hero in certain aspects, outed the pervert’s name, address, and age.  

The man was arrested by police and has been brought to court on charges of sexual assault and sexual interference with a minor.  He claims that it was not him that had been bullying her for more than three years but a man in New York.  Anonymous had posted his information on and Vice followed up with an online map leading to his home address.  

A whole whirlwind of ethics questions comes in to mind.  Should Anonymous and Vice have posted private information online publicly?  Couldn’t they have been wrong?  Whether or not they are in the wrong or right it is empowering to see that a society still knows the different between right or wrong.  That a group of people, a nation, and a continent can see the anguish that was inflicted on this little girl because of this man.  It disgusts me to think that he could get away with something like this for so long before anyone could figure him out.  Kids are brutal and always have been, but a grown man abusing his power as an adult to spark a witch hunt is despicable.

2 thoughts on “The Witch Hunt Finally Ends for Amanda Todd

  1. Margery Savage

    At least some justice is on it’s way to be served. What a horrible way to get someone to pay attention and finally help her. Poor child. No one can hurt her now. But her death has made an impact on many lives. Near and far.

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