Terror Alert in Phoenix! Code: Baby Blue

Mock Terrorism? Who knows anymore.

 Mock Terrorism.  It sounds dumber when spoken than it does written here.  But I kid you not, this is something our country needs to look out for.  Michael Turley from Phoenix, Arizona, decided to make terrorism watch his job after the shooting at the Auora, Colorado movie theater. The 39 year old cinematographer and photographer filmed a short video with his 16 year old nephew to “test” the Phoenix police.  He first dressed his nephew in a blue sheet made to look like a toga.  Put a ski mask on him and armed him with a fake grenade/rocket launcher.  They then, paraded around the busiest streets in Phoneix pointing their weapon at citizens passing by.  The point was to stir up some emotions in the people walking by and to time how long it would take for Phoenix police to come to the scene.  Passersby called police to inform them of the situation even though they assumed it was a joke and were not really threatened.  When asked what they were doing with a fake grenade/rocket launcher they said they were making a movie.  Um?

Little did Phoenix police know, that the video would be put up on Youtube for the whole world to see.  Maybe two months later, after the video was posted, police went to Mr. Turley’s house and arrested him for false impression of a terrorist act, endangerment, contributing to the delinquency of a minor, and misconduct.  The worst part about this mock terrorism is that Mr. Turley wanted to, “find out how safe” he really is by using his 16 year old nephew!  Arizona is lenient on their gun laws so any “threatened” citizen could have taken action and blown away the 16 year old.  Mr. Turley wanted to send a strong message and get his point across to the public but he unfortunately hurt his cause.  The video posted received more dislikes than likes and the comments below just show how people view his stupidity.  He put a minor in danger and thought it was a good idea to belittle his police enforcement.  If he was trying to prove a point he failed.  In no way do I feel safer knowing this guy was on the street posing as terrorist.  If anything I need to be on my guard for more mock terrorists in togas and ski masks.