73 Year Old Woman Raped in Central Park


I mean, Central Park was never safe after dark but now the danger has creeped up in the middle of the day.  A 73 year old woman birdwatching off a path near Strawberry Fields was raped and robbed of her camera.  The sick part about it is that this was not the first encounter that she had with this gentleman.  Earlier in the week she spotted him in Central Park exposing himself.  She took a picture to show authorities and would not delete it after he told her to.  In retaliation to the photo bomb he found the 73 year old woman again in the park birdwatching.  The rapist asked an alarming question, “Do you remember me?” before proceeding to beat and sexually assault the woman.  Eric Ozawa found the woman and called the police after she informed him she had been raped.  The man that sexually assaulted the woman was identified as in his 40’s, white, with a Russian or Ukrainian accent.

People living in the area are quite upset by the recent incident.  Strawberry Fields is usually a safe spot in the park where visitors can stroll and enjoy their daily workout.  No one could even dream of a raping happening during the day time in the middle of Strawberry FIelds, let alone a raping of a 73 year old woman.  One woman even went on to exclaim that, “If they catch the guy, hang him.”  This is an extreme statement but one can understand why the woman was so heated and defensive.  A man has already offended a sweet woman in her 70’s by exposing himself to her and others, has now taken it in his own hands to teach her a lesson for his embarrassment.  What right does he have?

This disgusts me, not just because I am woman because it should outrage our whole race, but because he violated a woman’s body, robbed her, and then just walked away! The park should have more surveillance and police officers on duty during the day so that this will never happen again.